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About Us

Northumberland 89.7 FM is specific and local for the people of West Northumberland.

Northumberland 89.7 FM

Northumberland 89.7 FM is a not-for-profit community-based volunteer radio station, providing news, views, events coverage, and music to the residents of Cobourg, Port Hope and Hamilton Township (West Northumberland County) on the FM dial at 89.7. We also provide web­based access to the programming.

We at Northumberland 89.7 FM believed that there was a need for a local community-based radio station – volunteer-operated and largely financed by the community – that would cover local events, news, and information of interest to the residents of West Northumberland County. There are a number of these stations in Ontario being operated successfully and creating a positive impact on the communities they serve. With the idea formulated in 2009, our internet stream began in 2012 followed by our official on-air launch in December of 2013.

We support local artists and not-for-profit organizations, providing them with communications opportunities at little or no cost.

Northumberland 89.7 FM will be the heartbeat of our community through:

~Air time for local artists who meet community standards;
~Concerts by local performers;
~Coverage of events at local venues, including fairs, exhibitions, auctions, concerts, plays, Canada Day and Christmas activities and junior sports events;
~News and information of interest to the local community, including weather, birth and death notices, community announcements, on-air buy-and-sell, and interviews on issues of local concern;
~Coverage of local council and other community meetings;
~Programs created by local community groups; and
~Programs and advertising policies that support local commerce.
Northumberland 89.7 FM will stimulate the livelihood of the residents of Port Hope, Cobourg, and Hamilton Township. It will provide information and commentary on aspects of daily life in Northumberland County. It will showcase local entertainment. It will be about the people, by the people, for the people. It will be not­for­profit. It will be run by volunteers who care, dare and have flair. It will fill the void.
Northumberland 89.7 FM is a not­for­profit corporation dedicated to the airing of news, views, commentary, entertainment, sports, and music that is of interest to the residents of Cobourg, Port Hope, and Hamilton Township (West Northumberland County). Our long-term objective is to become the most listened-to radio station in the area.

We will provide the opportunity for any individual or group located in our listening area to create high-quality, entertaining, informative and innovative radio programming.

We will provide full streaming of its signal over the internet to ensure that listeners can stay tuned wherever they are.

Although law and CRTC policy covers matters of fairness and balance, Northumberland 89.7 FM wishes to expressly state our commitment to a fair and balanced point of view.

We will create an opportunity for interns from community colleges and schools.

We will focus on local sponsors and advertisers, and will provide an initial support programme to new businesses being established in West Northumberland County. We expect to work closely with the Chambers of Commerce and local economic development officials to identify and support new businesses.

We will provide a low-cost vehicle for local businesses and organizations to promote themselves to their local markets. Our ongoing revenue will come from membership, sponsorship, and advertising.

We will bring the communities in our coverage area closer together through the identification of common interests.
Station Name: Northumberland 89.7 FM – SmallTownRadio
Frequency: 89.7 FM
Call Letters: CFWN­FM
Station location: 1000 Elgin Street West, Cobourg, Ontario
Effective radiated power: 700 watts
Estimated population coverage: 40,000

Our Sponsors

Truly local radio like Northumberland 89.7’s could not be possible without the help of our generous sponsors.
We encourage everyone to patronize their services!

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